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End of the Line: Velvet Rope

Tue, Mar 10, 2009

Episode 2: End of the Line



by Kenny Malone and Trina Sargalski

Kenny Malone with Alan T in front of the Club Space VIP door. Kenny wears the questionable outfit mentioned in the piece. /Trina Sargalski

Love it or hate it, nightlife is huge here.  And one person determines whether you go home in shame or spend the night in glory.  The doorman.


Clubgoers in the wee hours get ready to enter Space. /Trina Sargalski

We asked Under the Sun’s assistant producers, Trina Sargalski and Kenny Malone, to capture the drama of the Velvet Rope.  Little did they know, they’d get roped in, themselves.

Kenny Malone in his cowboy outfit. /Kenny Malone

Look here for an animated version of their adventure.

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