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What’s Up With That?

It’s time for another What’s Up With South Florida radio piece!

You’re the boss, so here’s how it works:  Listeners have submitted questions about things they find mysterious or unusual in South Florida. You vote on the mystery you want to hear resolved on the show and we dispatch a reporter to figure it out.  Here are the choices:

1- Naked Carpet Guy

What’s up with that reclining naked guy on the highway billboard? You can see the sign from the I-95, advertising Don Bailey Flooring. “Practically everyone knows his naked carpet advertising sign… but not many people know how he helps inner city kids.” — Submitted by Bailey’s wife.

2- Haunted Biltmore

Sightings include a woman in a white dress, who jumped from a window, a man in a top-hat playing piano, and a New York gangster who opens the doors for waitresses. Is the Biltmore Hotel really haunted? If so, by whom? “Hey guys- I would like to hear Kenny Malone investigate the alleged hauntings of the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables!”– Submitted by Danice Crawford

3- Under Water for Real

“Is Miami Beach going to be under water in 10 years? Seriously! It’s like no one talks about it, but almost every scientist agrees that something is going to give. As with the levees in New Orleans, I hope it won’t be Deja Vu all over again!!”– Submitted by Allen Silanee

Cast your vote via email, at web@wlrnunderthesun.org. Our cutoff is Monday the 16th. And please make sure you indicate your choice in the subject line. Thanks!

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