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Our next “What’s Up With South Florida?” story is…naked carpet guy!



The results are in.  You picked “What’s up with that reclining naked guy on the highway billboard?” as the question you most want answered in our latest “What’s Up with South Florida?” poll.

Murals have multiplied in Miami over the past few years, not to mention in the past few days for Art Basel.   But the iconic Don Bailey Flooring ad, showing a 70’s era gent posing nude on a brown carpet,  has greeted drivers on I-95 for decades.

The question was originally suggested on our Facebook group by NBCMiami.com editor Jessica Sick and seconded by Hannah Sampson.  Sampson wrote, “When I was a kid and we drove by that sign, my mom would make us all cover our eyes.  I still tend to avert when I drive by.”

Then we received an email pitching a story about Bailey from his wife.  She wrote that the now 76-year-old Don Bailey would make a great story, given his sense of humor.  She also wrote that he is little known for his work with urban youth.

Stay tuned for the story.  In the meantime, thanks for your questions and please continue to submit your wonderings about whatever you find mysterious or wacky about life in South Florida to our“What’s Up with South Florida?” Facebook group.  You can also send queries to wuw@wlrnunderthesun.org.

Also, take a listen to Under the Sun’s Alicia Zuckerman talking about “What’s Up with South Florida?” on the National Public Radio show, The Takeaway.She gave the interview just as our poll was wrapping up.

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