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All in a Day’s Work: Sodero

Thu, Apr 29, 2010

All in a Day's Work





You may think the “seltzer man” went the way of the rotary phone, but Paul Urbant still delivers seltzer bottles.  He is a “sodero” who travels throughout South Florida, delivering bottles to front doors.  He came to Miami via Buenos Aires and New York City.

Seltzer water is cold water injected with carbon dioxide.  Many of Urbandt’s long time clients are Argentineans who mix the seltzer water with wine to accompany their meals.  Many of them grew up with a “sodero” delivering bottles to their homes in Argentina.   His Jewish customers like to use it for egg creams:  “I believe it’s like chocolate and something to do with eggs.”

“It’s not only money it’s the satisfaction of servicing my customers and continuing an old fashioned business of home delivery,” he says.

The song in this piece is “El Sodero de mi Vida” by Palito Ortega.  It was the theme song for a TV comedy series from Argentina.

Seltzer Recipes:

Classic New York City Egg Cream

6 oz. seltzer

6 oz. milk

2 TB Chocolate syrup (Fox’s U-bet strongly recommended)

Alicia Zuckerman’s Easy Soy Milk Egg Cream

1 part seltzer

1 part chocolate soy or almond milk

The Eliot Spritzer

(created prior to the former New York State Governor’s fall from grace)

1 part seltzer

1 part cherry juice/cider

splash of lime

Bucking Bronco

3 part(s) Pendleton Whisky

1 part(s) Seltzer Water

Spritzer Highball

3 oz. Rhine Wine

Seltzer Water

Build in a highball glass and fill with seltzer.

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