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10 Questions with Esther Martinez

Sat, Jan 1, 2011

Miami Stories


Esther Martinez

Esther Martinez, the author of Drama, has been featured in the Columbia Observer, The Daily Beast, Newsday, and on WLRN’s Topical Currents. She is a first-generation Cuban-American and has lived in South Beach, Surfside, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Plantation, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and Doral — but never in Hialeah.

1. What’s your day job?

For money, I work at Castelli Luxury Real Estate on Las Olas. For breath, I am a graduate MFA student in creative writing at FIU and an adjunct instructor of Writing and Rhetoric.

2. How long have you been in South Florida?

Except for three years I spent in New Jersey against my will, three years in New York for college and one summer in Paris, I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life.

3. What’s your six-word South Florida memoir?

Road Rage. Car got Slurpeed. Twice.

4. Which South Florida author would you most like to have with you on a deserted island and why?

Andrea Askowitz, author of My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy because she would have Sean Kenniff with her, author of Etre the Cow and Stop Effing Yourself.

5. Word or phrase you forbid yourself from using in your writing?

I HATE the words “amazing” and “magical.”

6. First South Florida author you’d eat on a deserted island and why?

Les Standiford. He’s kind of my mentor at FIU and well, you know how eating someone gives you their “power.”

7. Favorite thing about the tourist season?

Is this a joke?

8. Who’s not running for mayor of Miami-Dade County that should be?

Dave Barry.

9. The last night club you went to, what you drank, how much you paid for the drink and how much to get in?

I went to Mansion, had a vodka tonic (extra lime). It was for a reality show I’m in the middle of filming so they paid for the drink and cover. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a drink in a Miami club.

10. What does the rest of the world have totally wrong about this part of the country?

We are cultured people, dammit!

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