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The soundtrack of pot pirates

Wed, Apr 13, 2011

South Florida History



Square Grouper(Image courtesy of Rakontur)


Miami filmmaker Billy Corben not only directed Square Grouper, the latest documentary from the Miami Beach-based Rakontur production company, but he also wrote the music and lyrics for two of the songs that appeared in the film – Square Grouper and Ballad of Everglades City. The songs were a collaboration between Corben, Andrew Yeomanson (DJ Le Spam) of the Spam Allstars, and Florida singer, guitarist and song writer Raiford Starke.

Square Grouper

(Image courtesy of Rakontur)


“When you’re making a movie, it’s a very musical process,” Corben said. “When you’re editing, it’s about rhythm and flow and beat and cadence.”

The film’s co-producer, Lindsey Snell, met Starke while he was performing at a local bar in Everglades City and brought back a CD of his music. Corben said Starke’s voice was exactly what he had envisioned for his songs. Corben says DJ Le Spam used old-fashioned recording equipment to give Raiford’s voice and guitar a vinyl sound.


  • Billy Corben talks about the Miami Beach petition drive to decriminalize possession of marijuana
  • Square Grouper theme song (music and lyrics by Billy Corben; performed by Raiford Starke)
  • The Ballad of Everglades City (music and lyrics by Billy Corben; performed by Raiford Starke)


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