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Remembering Andrew

Wed, Aug 1, 2012

Hurricane Andrew


We’d like to invite you to visit our new Remembering Andrew page. We’ve collected some of your comments and stories about your experiences before, during and after the storm. You can also listen to Under the Sun stories from the “Remembering Andrew” series, view new and archival photos and read more.

You can look forward to more stories in the month of August, along with collaborations with WLRN’s partner, The Miami Herald.

On August 24th at 9 a.m., WLRN airs a one-hour special by Under the Sun for the 20th  anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. In the radio documentary “Remembering Andrew,” producers and hosts Alicia Zuckerman and Kenny Malone bring listeners back to August 24, 1992, when Hurricane Andrew flattened South Dade and forever changed South Florida.

Through a mix of archival audio and contemporary interviews, the documentary will bring listeners 20 years back in time to relive the suddenness of the storm’s arrival, its awesome destructive power, andthe emotional and physical devastation that ensued and in many ways continues to this day.

The documentary will feature the story of Bryan Norcross, former television meteorologist and hurricane specialist, as well as the stories of dozens of everyday South Floridians. By the end of this radio special, people who did not live through the storm will feel as though they had.

Maybe you can also help us finish this sentence, “You know you lived through Hurricane Andrew if…”

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Remembering Andrew is about sharing your stories for the 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.

To share your Hurricane Andrew story, submit it to the Public Insight Network.

Visit the Remembering Andrew homepage for blog posts, pictures, and to stream Remembering Andrew radio pieces online

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