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Lip Service & Under the Sun: Miami Stories

In April, Under the Sun collaborated with Lip Service to produce a live event at the Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables. The evening featured true stories about life in South Florida, told by the people who lived them. The sold-out event was recorded for broadcast and aired on WLRN 91.3 FM and WKWM 91.5 FM June 4 and June 5. Featuring touching personal journeys, this show will make you laugh, break your heart and illuminate the experience of life in the wackiest state in the union.

Want to help support Under the Sun on WLRN? You can order a CD of the show, Miami Stories Vol. 1, here.


Here are the winning submissions that were featured at the event. One of the spots was reserved for the fan-favorite winner, which was selected by the public and announced at the event.

Welcome to Miami

By Andrea Askowitz

"I grew up in Miami, but I came out at 23 in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, gay was the new black."
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10 Questions with Andrea

Rosa's Corner

By Terence Cantarella

"'In Miami, sex is always just around the corner.' Those are the words of my Cuban friend José."
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10 Questions with Terence


By Aaron Curtis

"My marriage ended six weeks ago. To help me get over it, my friend Maria offers to take me out drinking."
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10 Questions with Aaron

Helen and Her Three Husbands

By Maria de los Angeles

"Helen is a 93-year-old Hungarian who lost her family in the holocaust. I'm a 37-year-old Cuban who never met my grandparents."
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10 Questions with Maria

Club Kid

By Jeremy Glazer

"I live on South Beach. But I'm not gay and I don't go to clubs. It's weird, I know. I'm used to being mistaken for something I'm not."
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10 Questions with Jeremy


By Allison Langer

"I'm 43 and saggy flat. I told my friend Jessica I was considering a boob job. She said, 'It's about time.'"
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10 Questions with Allison


By Esther Martinez

"I don't watch telenovelas. I hate drama. That's why I live in Doral. (In Doral, the most dramatic thing that happens is golf.)"
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10 Questions with Esther


By Brenda Mezick

"Over the years when I asked other Cubans about Santeria, I got the same tight-lipped reaction."
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10 Questions with Brenda

Fan Favorite

And the winner is ...

Tim Curtis won the fan-favorite contest with his story "The Coconut Grove Library."
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The runners-up

6-Word Memoir

By Paula Niño

Miami Shores resident Paula Niño was the winner with this 6-word memoir:

"Leaving since the day I arrived."

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